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Fraserview Meats has been in the profession of providing fresh clean meat for retail and wholesale for the past thirty years. We had begun our journey from England and after a very successful year, we opened in Vancouver, Canada. In 2000, we opened in Brampton, Ontario in Canada, and then in 2003, we moved to Surrey. We have been serving clients with professional and courteous service and above all, fresh meat.

For those who want everything ready, we sell marinated choices of regular and spicy meats. And for the seasoned chef, fresh and clean meat is available for them to be creative and adventurous.

We keep a very degree of control when it comes to the hygiene and upkeep of our shop. Our employees maintain a clean and inviting store so that you can walk in and buy the meat of your choice with peace of mind.

We use old and proven recipes

We deliver you the freshest, firmest and the best quality meat and meat products to help you create recipes you'll be proud to serve to your family and friends. We believe we've created a concept that people can completely engage in whilst enjoying some of the finest meat products.

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  • Denise
    I live in Seattle and this is basically an east Indian/ Fijian store. I went there one day with friends and ever since that day I will not buy my lamb or chicken anywhere else, prices are awesome and food is great, they have a bbq chicken that is great and tandoori etc. again if you want chicken and u need a lot for low low price Fraserview meats is the only place to go. And it was not dirty and people were not rude.
  • Inderjeet Singh
    Fresh Meats and very friendly staff. Clean Place.
    Inderjeet Singh
  • Adam Frank
    Really good quality meats, good taste, good presentation, and excellent service.
    Adam Frank
  • Gagan Sandhu
    Clean store, Smells clean and very fresh products. Professional and friendly staff.
    Gagan Sandhu