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How to set up Barbecue | 6 useful Tips

How to set up barbecue

Summers are about to roll in and there’s no better way to celebrate with your friends and family than a barbecue. Barbecuing or grilling your food gives an amazing taste to it and those black grill marks look beautiful. If you’re not confident about how to set up your barbeque and how to cook your food to a crisp, read the following guide to set up your barbecue.

How to set up a barbecue

  1. Choose the charcoal for a natural smoky flavor
    If you want the natural smoky flavor in your food you should require charcoal to heat and cook your food. Depending upon the heating capacities the charcoals can be classified into two types as Charcoal Briquettes and wood charcoal
  2. Use a chimney to light the charcoal
    The chimney is the safest option to light charcoal. Place the coals inside the chimney and then with the help of newspaper sheets light the charcoal. Once the charcoal catches fire and starts glowing, pour them into the barbeque when they are hot.
  3. Using a gas grill
    These gas grills use propane tanks to heat and cook the food. In this griller, one can modify the temperature as per the need.
  4. Lighting charcoal in the stack
    If you don’t have the chimney to lighten up the charcoal, you can use wood stocks to lighten the charcoal or newspaper balls. This method seems to be a bit time consuming but once a few of the coal catches fire, the rest do not need much time
  5. Choose the type of cooking
    Depending on the food type, the arrangement of coal could vary. You might choose direct cooking or indirect cooking.
    Direct cooking is good if a piece of meat or fish is thick. Indirect cooking works like an oven. Here, distance is maintained between the food and heating source.
  6. Preheat before cooking
    Allow your griller to heat up for 10-20 mins. If you’re using the gas griller it won’t take much time to heat. If you’re using a charcoal griller, it would require 20 min maximum.

Read the infographic below for more information.

How to set up barbecue

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