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Difference Between Souvlaki And Kebab

Difference Between Souvlaki And Kebab

Kebabs or Souvlaki is an amazing appetizer or snack for both brunch and late-night dinner. Most people love to include kebabs and Sauvlaki as the main course of their meal. Even though these two meat dishes look similar there are many variations of kebabs. Both dishes have distinct features that separate them from each other. The article gives a better insight into the difference between Souvlaki and kebabs.


Souvlaki is the famous Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables are also used. These are further grilled on a skewer. Earlier it was made of pork only. Now, this dish is found in different varieties such as lamb or chicken. The sellers started with different varieties of Souvlaki just in concern to Greek tourists as a lot of them seemed to be allergic to pork. The dish is savored with pita bread and veggies. This tastes amazing when savored while it’s hot.


Kebab is a popular dish that has its origin from Middle East Cuisine. Originally this dish was made of lamb meat which was sliced and grilled on a skewer. Now kebab now also has a lot of varieties and replaced with fruits and vegetables. It is served as a snack or appetizer in most of the restaurant.

Souvlaki Vs. Kebab


Souvlaki and kebab dishes are both made of meat and are then grilled on skewers. However, they both have different origins. Souvlaki has its origin from Greek whereas kebabs are originated from near the Middle East.

Cooking process

Traditionally Souvlaki is cooked using pork and kebabs are cooked using lamb meat. Souvlaki is cooked horizontally on a spike whereas Kebabs are cooked vertically on a spike. Souvlaki has a different marinating process than kebabs.

Serving suggestion

Souvlaki is served with pita bread whereas kebabs are savored with roti. One can also savor kebabs on their own.
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Difference Between Souvlaki And Kebab

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