Difference Between Souvlaki And Kebab
Difference Between Souvlaki And Kebab
June 14, 2021

Art of preparing perfect BBQ Chicken

Art of preparing perfect BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken! Summer is the perfect time for Barbecuing and nothing goes with a beautiful evening quite as BQ Chicken does! Try marinated BBQ Chicken from the nearest shop of Fraserview meats.
Continue reading the blog to know some of our favorite tips for that perfect BBQ chicken dinner.

    1. Selecting the right ingredients

      Start with the right cut of chicken. If you’re planning for a weeknight dinner, boneless chicken breast is ideal. However, whole chicken or bone-in breasts are perfect for lazy weekend nights when you have more time to prep. Along with the right cut of chicken, the quality and freshness of the meat are also important. Fraserview meats have fresh and high-quality chicken for dinner at an affordable price.

    2. Marinate with the right spices

      Now that you have got the perfect cut of chicken, it’s time to flavor your chicken. Marinating is the real secret to the perfect BBQ Chicken. Marinate includes oil, spices, citrus, or acid in which meat is soaked before cooking.
      Marinating process makes chicken tastier, flavorful, and tender. If you’re looking for pre-marinated Chicken, visit our Fraserview Meat shop.

    3. Even-sized pieces

      Chicken cuts of even size will help them cook at the same temperature. Uneven pieces will cook at different rates and end up with some sections still raw while the rest might be dry and over-cooked.

    4. Prep your grill

      Make sure to clean your BBQ regularly and maintain it as you do for other tools of your kitchen. Pre-heat your clean grill and grease it with oil before cooking to avoid the chicken from sticking.

    5. Pick your side

      Life has a lot of choices. BBQ chicken is versatile and can be paired with any dish.

Visit our Fraserview Meats shop and grab some pre-marinated chicken and skip the marination process. Have a perfect BBQ dinner on a lovely summer evening!

Art of Preparing perfect BBQ Chicken

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