Pesto Chicken Macaroni
Pesto Chicken Macaroni
September 24, 2019
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March 9, 2020


Tandoori Salmon Pita Wrap

Recipe for Tandoori-Salmon-Pita-Wrap:

1. Like always heat up the pan. Put some olive oil. And Sear the Fraser Meat Tandoori Salmon.
2. Keep turning it frequently as it’s a lean meat so we don’t want it to dry too much. So cook it
on medium to low heat for 20-25mins.
3. Cut some red onions, lettuce, cucumbers, and coriander for toppings inside our wrap.
4. After cooking the salmon, rub the pita wrap on the pan to absorb the flavor.
5. Now the wrap, add some shredded cheese, to begin with, then some thinly sliced onions on top
followed by lettuce cucumber and coriander.
6. Now put the cooked tandoori salmon on top, lightly sprinkle some olive oil, tzatziki s sauce
and garlic sauce.
7. Add very little hot sauce to taste and gently close the wrap.
8. Enjoy Tandoori Salmon Pita Wrap.

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