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March 27, 2020
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May 18, 2020

Tips for food to consume during Coronavirus

With the onset of the Coronavirus cases increasing every day, it is important to remember that the best form of protection is prevention. Coronavirus disease is generally thought to spread by respiratory droplets that come from coughing or sneezing.

So far there is no evidence to support the transmission of disease through food. However, as a general food safety one should make sure to wash your hands with soap and water before preparing and consuming food.

By consuming healthy food like wholesome foods, we can enhance our immune system. Here, we have brought to you the possible foods you can consume during the COVID-19 to enhance your immune system.

  1. Water: The human body is 75% water. Usually, people intake 8 glasses of water per day. Instead of having sugar-sweetened beverages, drinking water is the simplest way to cut off your sugar intake and excess calories. During lockdowns, we are less active which makes us consume less water. It is important to stay hydrated and drink water as much as you can.
  2. Millets: The most basic items for energy in the body are millets. Foods like rice, wheat, whole grain bread, legumes, mixed-grain rice, etc. release energy into the body and build the cells for immunity.
  3. Dairy products: These foods help in the process of growth and strength and are recommended to be consumed by children for healthy growth. Cheese, meat, fish, eggs, milk and other such products are included.
  4. Fruits & vegetables: During the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to consume more of these foods and eat them in rotation. No fruit or vegetable should be avoided. You can also opt for frozen fruits as they will contain a maximum amount of fiber and vitamins. The usage of frozen vegetables can be helpful when you are scarce with fresh foods. Frozen veggies are nutritious and easy to prepare.
  5. What to avoid: Packed foods with nearest to its expiry dates, fried foods, and foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat are not part of a healthy diet and should be neglected during COVID-19 to maintain a better immune system.

Can I get coronavirus from takeout food?

Does this question strike into your mind? Well!! Here is a brief about the things need to be considered while you pick up food from the takeout location.

If you’re planning to get prepared food items from your local cafe or a neighborhood restaurant, then the danger of transmission of the infection likewise appears to be remote; especially if the chefs and restaurant owners have been trained to follow safe food handling practices to constrain the danger to infecting others.

You can also consider no-contact delivery services from your favorite restaurant i.e. bring your take order without interacting with the delivery service employee. Since the Coronavirus can survive for cardboard and plastic for up to 24hrs and 72hrs, it is recommended to continue following CDC guidelines.

Coronavirus survival time
Read the infographic below for more information.

Coronavirus food safety tips

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