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Benefits of Eating Marinated Meat

Marinated meat Benefits of eating

Marination is a process of soaking the food in seasoned spices or some liquid mixture prepared with ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, or wine. Some people also make use of enzymatic ingredients such as pineapple, papaya, or ginger. The marinade also contains oils, herbs, and spices to further flavor the food items.

Marination is commonly used to flavor foods such as meat in order to tenderize the tougher cuts of meat. Marination is similar to the pickling process whereas the only difference is, pickling is done for a much longer period. However, marinating the meat is done for a few hours to a day and this process is just to enrich the flavor of the food.

Benefits of marinated meat

  1. The usage of acids during marination makes the tissue breakdown and the meat absorbs the moisture resulting in a juicier final product. Make sure you do not use access to acids as too many acids can be harmful. Fraserview Meats – the Indian Meat Shop has almost all kinds of marinated meat and non-marinated meat.
  2. The acids might also slow down the growth of bacteria.
  3. Although marination can slow down the growth of bacteria, it might not stop completely. Hence, freezing marinated meat in the refrigerator could be healthy.
  4. Usage of marinades can help you reduce the risk of carcinogenic compounds that are produced from high heat while grilling or broiling the meat, also called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).


  • How long to marinate meat?

Marinating the meat for too long can make it tough, dry, or poor texture. Depending on the marinade recipe, meat can be marinated in the refrigerator from 30 minutes to overnight.

How long to marinate meat

  • Can you freeze marinated meat?

Yes, freezing marinated meat will stop the growth of bacteria. Hence, it is safe to refrigerate the marinated meat.

  • What Containers are Good for Marinating?

Using Glass dishes or resealable plastic bags is good while marinating the food. Make sure to avoid the usage of Metal containers and aluminum foil as it could give a metallic flavor to your food.

  • Can I Reuse the Marinade?

If you intend to reuse the marinade, better to keep aside the required amount before marinating or you can also boil it for a few minutes before utilizing it as a basting sauce.

  • Is marinated meat healthy?

According to the National Cancer Research Institute, such substances present a heightened risk of cancer exposure.

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